What Is Powerflushing?

Over time you will get rust that slowly builds up throughout your heating system and boiler. With power flushing, we use water, chemicals, and an experienced plumber to remove the rust and sludge from your central heating.  This cleans the pipes to get your central heating back to full capacity and removes those pesky cold spots.

Does the engineer need to be Gas Safe Registered?

Technically speaking no he doesn’t as the gas supply isn’t touched to carry out a power flush of your system, however, all of our staff are fully gas safe registered should we need to undergo any other tests whilst at your property.

Why does rust and sludge appear?

Essentially the water reacts with the mild-steel that is used to make the radiators in your house. This causes rust and sludge to build up which then travels around your system. Which can cause blockages that slow down the effectiveness of your boiler and central heating. What the power flushing does is hits the sludge attaching itself around your system and removes it.

What's the best way to prevent this happening again after a power flush?

Once you’ve had a power flush the best way to prevent rust and sludge building up again is to put a corrosion inhibitor into your heating system. (We can offer advice on this) These stop the rust from forming by covering up the bare iron in your radiators to prevent the oxygen in the water from doing so. If however, you have a design flaw in your heating system and it needs to keep pulling in fresh water this will make it much harder to prevent build up.

Or if you have one of our service plans we can help to keep this sorted and topped up for you.

Can I power flush my heating myself?

There are ways you can do this yourself. However, you would need to be very confident with your heating system and how it works. We would also not recommend it as you would need to hire out the kit to do the work yourself and it probably won’t be as good as the kit a professional would be using. Also getting a professional in you know there are going to be no mistakes made and you’ll get a completely clean system.

Do you think you need a power flush? If so give us a call or fill in the form to arrange a chat about your system.


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